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15Hatfields is 10!

It was our 10th Anniversary on 10 May 2018 and we were pleased to celebrate a decade of growth with you all. 


10 Years Young - Celebrating a decade of growth 

To reveal interesting facts and milestones from 15Hatfields history click on the above buttons. 

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15Hatfields opens its doors after being commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) to be London’s most sustainable venue.

WRAP holds its Carrier Bag Forum, transforming the future use of plastic and re-useable bags.

Equality and Human Rights Commission hold their first event at 15Hatfields.

Olympics Environmental Update held at 15Hatfields with support from CIEH Policy Team.

London Universities Environmental Group hold its Let’s Recycle event.

Milestone - 2008  Milestone - 2009  Milestone - 2010  Milestone - 2011  Milestone - 2012 

The Green Investment Bank is launched at 15Hatfields.

15Hatfields sponsors the Young Person of the Year Awards (YOPEYS).

Our Google 360° tour launches.

15Hatfields rolls out new fibre optic internet and Wi-Fi, providing the fastest internet connection of any conference centre in the UK.

World Wildlife Fund UK (WWF) holds their event at 15Hatfields with vegan and vegetarian catering by our sustainable caterers Eden.

Milestone - 2013  Milestone - 2014  Milestone - 2015  Milestone - 2016  Milestone - 2017 


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10 sustainable facts about 15Hatfields 

Our commitment to sustainability grows every year
  • 15Hatfields was the first venue in the UK to receive certification of the NQA Sustainable Development Management Scheme.
  • Shortly after opening, we hosted ‘A Strategy for Sustainability’ event for royal warrant holders in 2009. 
  • After receiving a 2012 Food Legacy award for long-term commitment to sustainable foods, we stopped using tuna for venue catering, switching to sustainably fished mackerel from British waters. 
  • Our electricity is certified as being from 100% renewable sources. 
  • In 2013, we were highly commended in the National Conference Awards for ‘Best Sustainable Initiative’ for our ‘Save the Bees, go wild and sow your seeds’ campaign, which involved giving away more than 2 million wildflower seeds. 
  • We work with the New Zealand wine supplier Yealands, whose sustainable initiatives include using natural pest control measures in their vineyards and a commitment to emission reductions. 
  • 15Hatfields was awarded a gold certificate in 2016 by the Green Tourism awarding body. 
  • Our venue is an official water refill station - part of the Refill and #OneLess bottle campaigns, which aim to reduce plastic waste. 
  • Mozzo coffee is served at 15Hatfields – Mozzo is a supplier that trades fairly and sustainably with coffee growers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, via their Community2Community fund. 

Find out more about our sustainable credentials.

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Competition time! 

To celebrate our birthday we gave one lucky person the opportunity to win a luxury South Bank experience for two. The bumper prize included:

Afternoon tea cruise with a glass of prosecco, City CruisesRiver roamer passes, MBNA Thames Clipper3 course dinner with a bottle wine chosen by sommeliers, SkylonOpening night tickets to see circus show Backbone on 14 August, Southbank CentrePrizes 

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South Bank

Looking back at London’s South Bank over the past 10 years 

Southbank Centre TransformationNot only have we grown as an events venue but our local community, London’s South Bank, has grown and developed exponentially over the past decade. It is now one of London’s top tourist destinations and for good reason! It's also home to a number of large businesses, restaurants, art galleries, theatres, historic pubs, and has great transport links to all mainline stations and airports.

Some developments on the iconic South Bank over the past decade include: 

  • 2008 – Leake Street Tunnel is turned into a giant exhibition space by Banksy for some of the world’s top graffiti artists as part of Cans Festival. 
  • 2011 - Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden opens to the public as part of the Festival of Britain 60th Anniversary celebrations. 
  • 2011/2012 - Jubilee Gardens are transformed into a park for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and are completely re-landscaped with flower beds, trees & seating for her Diamond Jubilee.  
  • 2013 Blackfriars Station re-opens after major renovations. The redesign includes solar panels on the roof supplying 50% of the station’s energy and 'sun pipes' reducing the need for artificial lighting. 
  • 2014 - The Green Room, a sustainable restaurant, bar and garden is built from recycled building materials and wins the New London Architecture’s Best Temporary Building award in 2015. 
  • 2015 - House of Vans opens its new spaces under disused train tunnels beneath Waterloo Station. It houses local art galleries, live music events, BMX, free cinema and London’s first indoor skate park, encompassing the creativity and individuality of the Vans brand. 
  • 2018 - Lumiere London, a mesmerizing lights festival comes to London’s South Bank for the first time. 

Read more about the history of London's South Bank. 

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Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) provides a sustainable blueprint for 15Hatfields 

2012. CIEH issues Guidelines and Good Practice for Sustainable Events reflected in 15Hatfields policyIn 2008, CIEH established 15Hatfields as a completely environmentally friendly events venue. CIEH policy and publication milestones that have contributed to the sustainable values of 15Hatfields include:

  • Climate change and its health implications should be combatted by the mindful behaviour of companies committed to concrete objectives such as the use of energy from renewable sources and a zero waste to landfill policy. 
  • CIEH, in association with the Health Protection Agency and the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, produced guidelines and good practice for sustainable events in 2012, which 15Hatfields uses as a best practice guide within its own premises.  
  • In 2013, CIEH published a detailed Food Policy Statement that encouraged a transition to healthier diets for the public and sought to promote improvements in the sustainability of the food chain. In the same year 15Hatfields abandoned the use of tuna in our catering, switching to British mackerel, working in collaboration with Eden Caterers.  
  • The pest prevention strategies identified in the 2015 CIEH publication Pest control procedures in the food industry have been adopted by 15Hatfields.  
  • 15Hatfields abides by the CIEH Environmental Policy, as signed by CIEH CEO Anne Godfrey in March 2017.  

Outside of the fields of environmental protection food safety and nutrition, CIEH’s work also encompasses health and safety and housing.

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Supplier Spotlight: Eden - Our sustainable caterers 

Eden foodEden’s Managing Director Hugh Walker shared a few highlights of his and Eden’s experience working with 15Hatfields over the past decade.

Eden’s Journey with 15Hatfields
“From the very start 15Hatfields and Eden recognised that they share similar values in respect to quality of service, food and a concern for the environment. We have shared several sustainability training courses and learnt along the way, while the sustainability agenda widens and moves on.

Eden must and does continually make changes to what we buy and how we do things.  We have won many awards over the years but our most treasured now is the coveted three stars for the SRA Food Made Good awards we received in 2017; a real tribute to our own sustainability credentials."

Highlight Events 

Legal Sector Alliance
“In December 2008, the very first year, we catered for an event at 15Hatfields hosted by the Legal Sector Alliance with Prince Charles in attendance. We served canapés using excellent and where possible organic ingredients.”

Annual Soil Association 100 Mile Lunches
“We have catered for several of their 100 mile lunches where all ingredients must be organic and sourced from rivers/manufacturers/farms no more than 100 miles from 15Hatfields.  Lamb, trout, cheeses, carrots, potatoes, samphire, kale, flour, herbs, apples, sea salt, milk… the list was exhaustive!”   

 “Heartfelt congratulations to Warren and his team for completing 10 magnificent years as the most sustainable venue in the UK.  We have had the privilege and honour of being able to supply catering for events at 15Hatfields for those 10 years.
- Hugh Walker, Managing Director, Eden

Find out more about our sustainable caterers.

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Let’s talk technology!  

How fast is the internet at your next event?We continue to improve our AV facilities and technology, offering high tech equipment suitable for all event needs. We offer bespoke and state of the art AV facilities including fibre optic WiFi with internet speeds up to 1 GB, a PA system with crystal clear audio and built-in ceiling mounted cameras. We also have video conferencing and live event streaming capability which makes us perfect for live gaming and other technically demanding events.

Highlight features include: 

  • Intelligent plug and play digital AV system with 12 HDMI inputs routable to any screen 
  • 6 economic, 5,000l HD ceiling mounted projectors connected via HDMI 
  • Economical yet powerful LCD projectors 
  • Onsite integrated roving, lapel and table microphones 
  • Webcasting enabling you to ‘broadcast’ your event to others externally 
  • High-definition video conferencing facilities 
  • One of the fastest internet connections for a conference centre in the UK – 1Gb up and down 
  • Super low latency for superb gaming experience 
  • Serviced WiFi connectivity on 2.4GHz and 5GHz throughout the venue with intrinsic redundancy 

By providing equipment in house, we reduce additional transport costs and environmental impact, therefore reducing businesses carbon footprint and costs.

Take a look at all our AV facilities.

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15h bottleReuse, refill and reduce single-use plastic... 

The average Londoner uses 175 single-use plastic bottles a year and at least half of them end up in landfill, rivers and oceans, and eventually our food chain.

At 15Hatfields we filter our own water on site and serve to our clients in reusable glass bottles. Since 2008 we have prevented + 1 million plastic bottles ending up in landfill - the cost to our clients 0 and the cost to the planet 0. 

We have also recently taken part in the pilot Refill London scheme which launched in March this year to further reduce single-use plastic in the capital. The scheme includes businesses in various areas of London and offers people free tap water ‘refills’. This is part of the Mayor’s wider plans to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment and also supports the #OneLess campaign.

Now you can take your own steps towards reducing single-use plastic by re-using and refilling. Visit our venue to refill your bottle, download the Refill app or sign up to become a Refill Station.


Watch our video or read CIEH’s blog post to find out more about the Refill scheme and #OneLess and see how you can take part today. 

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Did you know that the following are just some of the sustainable initiatives that we undertake around the 15Hatfields venue?

End of the line seatbelts have been turned into cushion covers

All printed materials at 15Hatfields are 100% recycled.

Locally sourced, organic English apple juice is served at 15Hatfields

Our venue reception desk is made of recycled fabric conditioner bottles

Week 9 - seatbelts
Week 9 - printed materials
Week 9 - apple
Week 9 - conditioner

Our coasters have been recycled from the remnants of disused tyres.

In 2014 we commissioned 100 sturdy and recycled glass biscuit barrels to house our fair-trade biscuits

Flipchart stands at the venue use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved beech wood easels

Solar panels on the roof provide more than 90% of the hot water required for the building

Week 9 - coasters
Week 9 - biscuit
Week 9 - climate change
Week 9 - sun

Discover more about our sustainable credentials.

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15Hatfields is 10 years young15Hatfields 10th Birthday Promise 

It’s our 10th Anniversary and we have enjoyed every minute of the lead up to it, celebrating a decade of growth with you all with some of our most unforgettable moments and milestones. Plus, we have a birthday promise to share with you…

As London’s most sustainable events venue we are pleased to announce that we are working towards becoming a completely single-use plastic free events venue in 2019! 

We have already reduced the use of single-use plastic from numerous products and services across our venue, including:

  • No plastic water bottles used, with only refillable and recycled glass bottles used since opening 
  • No plastic straws available in the venue, only ever using recyclable paper straws 
  • Free onsite water refill station, preventing the use of new single-use plastic bottles 
  • Raw cane sugar bought in 25kg paper sacks instead of smaller individual plastic packets 
  • Use of Teapigs tea bags, which are made from 100% compostable corn starch with packaging made from recycled card, vegetable inks and nature flex 

Future goals to accomplish with our suppliers include:  

  • Milk delivered and packaged in glass bottles or recycled cardboard, opposed to plastic cartons 
  • Finding a sustainable alternative to plastic cling film used for food and catering 
  • Completely removing the availability and use of any plastic eating utensils 
  • Plus more to come, so stay tuned to hear more from us in the near future 

To ensure you’re kept up-to-date with future news, exclusive offers and updates sign up to our newsletter. 

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