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Every Christmas tree tells a story, and ours tells the festive tale of our ongoing commitment to sustainable causes through the installation of an innovatively eco-conscious Christmas tree.

Christmas time brings with it an unnecessary amount of waste, including an equivalent of four million Christmas dinners thrown away each year, 83km2 of binned wrapping paper and one in ten unwanted gifts sent to landfill. To combat the season of excess, our team have repurposed unused merchandise and office clutter to create our own Conscious Christmas.

We have sourced a real Christmas tree from carbon-neutral supplier Pines and Needles, which uses British trees from sustainable forests and low-emission transportation. Using ten times fewer basic materials and five times less energy than producing an artificial tree, just one acre of real trees absorb enough carbon dioxide throughout the seven years they take to grow to supply oxygen for 16 people. Once the festive period is over, real Christmas trees can be recycled for alternative uses such as renewable fuel or chipping, unlike artificial trees that are usually sent to landfill within nine years where they remain for centuries.

To adorn the tree, our team gathered old marketing collateral, such as leaflets and business cards, and supermarket loyalty and Oyster cards, upcycled into paper chains and hanging ornaments. Unused CDs and silicon circuit boards have been cut into seasonal shapes, with the star tree topper crafted using tea tongs, natural twine and cardboard.

Handmade decorations sourced from Traidcraft, a Fairtrade organisation that supports producers from developing countries, include bells and snowmen from recycled magazines, papier-mâché hearts and snowflakes made from recycled aluminium.

Warren Campbell, 15Hatfields general manager said:

"Our Conscious Christmas initiative has continued our approach to pioneer sustainability and ethical sourcing in the events industry. We work hard to ensure every corner of our organisation and venue is sustainable, and this includes our approach to the season of goodwill. We hope to encourage others to consume responsibly at Christmas without having to give up yuletide traditions. Merry Christmas!"

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