One of London's most sustainable venues

Sustainability is built into the fabric of our eco-friendly venue.

As one of London's most sustainable venues, we have an unrelenting commitment to sustainable causes, with a pioneering spirit for a more conscious future at the core of our events venue. Since our inception in 2008, sustainability has been built into the fabric of our eco-friendly venue, with each element chosen with the environment in mind. Every member of our team is passionate about sustainability and events, and this continues to drive our ethos and values. Sustainability is so much more than just being environmentally friendly, and our pledges also cover both economic and social responsibility, ensuring we are doing our best to be a conscious supplier and one of the UK's most sustainable venues in every way.

Eco-friendly event hire with 15Hatfields

With a list of sustainable credentials as long as your arm, we have sustainable venue hire covered. From no single-use plastic and seasonal menus with no food waste, to event furniture made from recycled materials and world-class AV to reduce paper use and allow for worldwide streaming, we have everything you need to create your most sustainable event yet. We can also work with you to put in place additional sustainability measurements so you can gauge your event’s impact, or lack of, on the environment.

Check out our guide on how to run a sustainable event for a preview of how we can work with you.

In 2019 we took our commitment to sustainability even further by eliminating our use of all single-use plastic.

Make Plastic History

Why sustainability is important

We only have one planet and we should all be working to protect it. We know that we are facing one of the biggest challenges in human history, with the effects of global warming and climate change increasingly impacting our daily and future lives. The events industry alone produces 1.2 billion kg of CO2e emissions every year, as well as large amounts of waste from catering, event design and gifting.

We understand the need for events to bring people together and drive business, therefore our detailed sustainable event management processes ensure your event can still make a lasting impression, without leaving a footprint on the world.

Speak to one of our sustainability leaders to start planning your next event.