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Our wonderful team are the heartbeat of everything we do at 15Hatfields, from championing and driving our ambitious sustainability ethos to running exceptional events. Get to know the people behind your next event at 15Hatfields.

Warren, when did you start at 15Hatfields and how have you developed?

In February 2008, I was brought in to advise the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) on a new project and help develop it. At this point, the concept was nothing more than a seedling; they were thinking of transforming the ground floor of their central London office into hireable venue space.

From this germ of an idea, the 15Hatfields brand, identity and ethos has flourished into what it is today. Creating the venue of my dreams has been fantastic, from the brand, business model, right down to my wonderful, hand-picked team! 15Hatfields has been one of the best challenges of my life, with the added value of raising awareness for sustainability.

Truly rewarding!

Why do you like working for 15Hatfields?

We are an independent, fluid and versatile venue. The team and I focus on the important aspects of venue management, making sure sustainability is built into every decision we make - it really is ingrained into us! Having the flexibility to explore and be creative when sourcing new materials, food and supplies has enabled us to raise the bar when it comes to sustainable business planning and the challenges involved have been so rewarding.

We constantly review and find new solutions to sustainable issues which, on paper, seem impossible. My team is amazing and constantly deliver the highest level of customer service with a real 'can do' attitude. On top of that, our long-term relationships with clients, suppliers and stakeholders make my job at 15Hatfields delightful!

Joe, when did you start at 15Hatfields and how have you developed?

I started as a part-time employee in early 2012. After six months, I was made full-time before eventually becoming the Client Services Manager. I've gradually adopted the role of 'sustainable sourcer' due to my unmatched ability to find the best sustainable alternative for products and services used within the venue. As well as learning about the management side of the business, I've had many training opportunities over the years including obtaining a Carbon Literacy qualification with Positive Planet.

Why do you like working for 15Hatfields?

The people! The 15Hatfields crew are a close-knit bunch and, no matter how busy we are, we always find the time to have a giggle. Whether in the office or on the floor, every day the venue is a hive of activity and spirits are usually high. We have strong working relationships with our clients, many of whom have been using the venue for years - it is always great to see a familiar face, as well as meeting new ones.

Mark, when did you start at 15Hatfields and how have you developed?

I started working at 15Hatfields in 2018. I feel like my knowledge of the events industry has vastly improved since joining 15Hatfields, as well as my awareness on how truly important it is to be the driving force in making sustainable and environmental changes within the industry, as well as in our everyday lives.

Why do you like working for 15Hatfields?

The sustainable principles that we embody and the actions that we take when it comes to being the most environmentally friendly venue in London are things that I really feel strongly about. The team we have at 15Hatfields are also a huge delight to work with.

Nicole, when did you start at 15Hatfields and how have you developed?

I started working for CIEH in 2005, a few years before 15Hatfields opened. When it first opened, Warren asked me to extend my role from Reception to Administration Assistant for 15Hatfields too. I've been part of the team ever since and have taken on more responsibility over the years. 

Why do you like working for 15Hatfields?

I love working here! We're encouraged to push ourselves and grow alongside 15Hatfields. Like Warren, I've been here since the very beginning, so it feels like we are more than a team, we’re great friends and like a small family really!