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Despite the façade of love, celebration and generosity, the gift-giving conventions of Valentine's Day are often far from sustainable or even ethical.

Cards exchanged on the day frequently have plastic elements and are hard to recycle, most chocolates are not ethically sourced and let's not even mention the environmental impact of balloons!

Whether you are spending Valentine's Day with a loved one, a friend, or taking some time for much-needed self-care, we can all agree in 2022 that Mother Nature needs a hug too. We've compiled five top tips to help you turn a day of pinks and reds - green!

1. Get creative with your Valentine's Day card

Due to their mixed materials, Valentine’s Day cards can be a nightmare to recycle. Why not get creative and make one instead this year? We love reusing old materials to create something new and beautiful, as you can see from our recycled Christmas decorations.

2. Make dinner at home

When thinking about your Valentine dining-in options, why not cut out the single-use plastic and reduce your carbon footprint by making something at home? If you're feeling super green, you could even try a vegetarian or vegan dinner. Nothing says, "I love you" quite like "let's reduce our environmental impact and make a vegetarian lasagne for dinner."

3. Buy local

When sourcing a suitable beverage to wash down your delicious, home-cooked dinner, opt for a local brewery or vineyard for your beer and wine (or local orchard if you're more of a soft-drink person). At 15Hatfields, we serve Toast beer and juices from Chegworth Valley - both of which would serve as a perfectly quaffable refreshment.

4. Grow some flowers

Instead of buying flowers, why not take a romantic stroll with some wildflower seeds to scatter along the way. Show your commitment to each other and watch them grow and blossom; it's almost like buying a puppy! At 15Hatfields, we love to see people planting flowers to help their local ecosystem; we offer seed sticks to do just that!

Hug the planet this Valentine's day and book your next event at London's leading sustainable venue, 15Hatfields. For more sustainable tips, check out our Make Plastic History campaign.