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As 2022 draws to a close and festivities are well underway, we reflect on an unforgettable year at 15Hatfields, and look ahead at our sustainability priorities for the new year.

We launched into 2022 with the expansion of our venue and renovation of the lower ground floor – sustainably furnished of course! Take a look at our sustainable credentials to find forward-thinking ways to furnish using repurposed and recycled materials, and natural by-products.

Having an entire new floor of event spaces has proved to be invaluable. This year we’ve seen demand soar with the events industry bouncing back in full force. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with event planners on an exciting range of events, from conferences and large exhibitions, networking events and fine dining dinners, to private meetings, examinations and training days. It’s been a joy to see our venue bustling once again. We celebrated in September at the 2022 Memcom Excellence Awards, taking home Highly Commended for ‘Best Venue’.

Continue reading for a rundown of our key takeaways from 2022 and a preview of 15Hatfields’ agenda for more sustainable events in 2023.

Flexibility and reach – remaining at the forefront of hybrid technology

Looking back across 2022, it’s clear that in-person events are back and enthusiasm for spontaneous interaction and connection remains high. Hybrid events cater to the in-person audience while enabling the kinds of flexibility and reach that are increasingly important to event planners and delegates. Then there are the environmental benefits of reduced travel emissions, especially for events with an international audience.

15Hatfields went hybrid for London Climate Action Week in July. We opened our doors to Shirley Rodrigues, London Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, along with building and development professionals for the ‘Business Climate Challenge’. Our integrated technology enabled international delegates to remotely attend live panel discussions held in our Elements Suite in central London.

Joe Harris, Deputy General Manager at 15Hatfields, said: “Over the course of 2022, AV expectations have shifted. Event planners are seeking venues that can deliver not only quality but also simplicity when it comes to their AV systems. For this reason, we invested in an all-in-one hybrid solution that is both cutting-edge and user-friendly.” Learn about Logitech Rally Bar and Logitech Rally Plus on our technology page.

Collaboration and transparency – driving best practice across the hospitality industry

In March, we hosted the launch of Greengage's Platinum Inner Circle of ECOsmart Platinum accredited venues. This leadership group of the UK’s most sustainable venues was assembled to drive best practice across the hospitality industry. Pressing issues examined in 2022 included food waste and energy consumption. It’s clear that the challenges ahead of us are shared and collaboration will be crucial in the race to reach net zero. We will continue to report on our activity as part of the Platinum Inner Circle in 2023.

Warren Campbell, General Manager at 15Hatfields, said: “Transparency will be key next year as it’s essential that we, the business meetings and events sector, demonstrate how we’re putting our numerous sustainable pledges and commitments directly into action.” In the new year, we’re keen to work with event planners to track and compare water usage, food waste, recyclables, and electrical consumption. Read about our strategies for benchmarking, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Dedication and innovation – continuing our mission to become palm oil free

This autumn we delved into the consequences of palm oil production and announced details of our work, over the past two and half years, towards becoming palm oil free. This mighty undertaking involved checking for the presence of palm oil (and its hundreds of derivatives!) in every food and cleaning product at our venue. Having conducted audits across our entire organisation and liaised with our supply chain, we were on the cusp of becoming the UK’s first palm oil free venue. However, progress stalled earlier this year due to developments in food labelling in response to the sunflower oil shortage, driven by the war in Ukraine.

In October, we promised to continue our campaign and search for effective substitutes for this highly versatile vegetable oil. We’re currently working with award-winning event caterers at Boulevard Events on a fine dining and canapé selection which will be 100% free from palm oil. We’re excited to share details of this delicious offering with you in the new year!

At the heart of the palm oil free mission is Warren Campbell, pioneer of our leading sustainable venue and General Manager since 2008. Warren has been shortlisted for Sustainability Champion of the Year 2022 and we’re absolutely thrilled. We look forward to 26 January 2023 when the winners will be announced at the Greengage Insights and Sustainability Awards.

Contact us to discuss your next event and learn about the delicious, local and seasonal event catering at our venue. We look forward to welcoming you in the new year – a very merry Christmas from the 15Hatfields team!

A year at our award-winning venue