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Our comprehensive selection of audio visual (AV) equipment and infrastructure ensures your event is seen and heard clearly in the room and by a wider audience throughout the world. The audio, projection and connectivity systems are designed with this in mind and are easily controlled using wireless technology. Find out more about the video conference facilities we can provide.


Our cutting-edge AV package is offered as standard and includes:

  • Intelligent plug-and-play digital Crestron AV system with 12 HDMI inputs routable to any screen
  • Six economic 5,000 lumens HD ceiling-mounted projectors connected via HDMI and utilising the latest LED technology with low noise level and minimised carbon footprint
  • Laptops provided in-house with the latest software for running PowerPoint, Prezi, videos or just audio
  • Audio from various devices linked to our built-in PA system with discreet speakers located in the ceiling and distributed throughout the venue for an even sound and segregated into zones for complete flexibility
  • Integrated roving, lapel and table microphones available on-site to provide a full PA system at your fingertips

Video conferencing 

Our hybrid events enable interactive discussions between audiences at multiple sites, hosted centrally at 15Hatfields through integrated video links. The intelligent new technology, Logitech Rally Bar is an all-in-one solution that allows you to:

  • Hold productive and interactive meetings with people across the globe
  • Link to any laptop
  • Integrate Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings
  • Send or receive PowerPoint or other content on a separate screen
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint
  • Save money on expensive travel


Webcasting is used to broadcast your event to a potentially unlimited number of users, either live or on-demand. In addition to the benefits of video conferencing, this innovative method of presenting uses Logitech Rally Plus, a system specifically tailored for larger conferences, allowing you to:

  • Invite virtual delegates to watch from their home or office on a customised webpage or using their smartphone or tablet
  • Use our in-house equipment, reducing additional transport costs and environmental impact
  • Host live interaction, voting, polls, chats and Q&As


We’ve got your fast event Wi-Fi and hardwired network connections covered in all our rooms, offering you:

  • One of the fastest internet connections in any conference centre in the UK – 1GB up and down
  • Super-low latency for a superb gaming experience
  • Uncontended fibre optic connection coming straight into the conference space for ultimate reliability and resilience
  • Serviced Wi-Fi connectivity on 2.4GHz and 5GHz throughout the venue with intrinsic redundancy
  • Free 100MB Wi-Fi for general usage and separate dedicated networks for additional security and guaranteed performance