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For Stop Food Waste Day 15Hatfields shares resources and inspiration to help venues and event planners get involved.

One billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year. According to the latest UNEP Food Waste Index Report, 28% of this stems from food services. It’s clear coordinated action is key, and still food waste reduction remains at the discretion of businesses, while the UK Government continues to debate the implementation of mandatory food waste reporting.

The good news is our venue is active in the fight against food waste and has been for years. Here are some of the ways you can get involved at your events:

Eight-step guide to food waste prevention

Check out our eight ways to stop food waste at events. These strategies are designed to help venues take action at all stages where waste can occur – from food preparation and spoilage, to what’s left on the plate. This also serves as a handy checklist for event planners seeking a venue with a robust waste prevention policy.

Inspiration on your sustainability journey

Facing up to the impacts of food waste on greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss can be overwhelming. We’re passionate about inspiring change by shining a light on positive action happening right now.

We created a sustainability hub to share every step on our sustainability journey and to highlight initiatives happening across our supply chain. Whether that’s supporting local produce, sustainable food production, or community projects tackling food poverty, explore our hub for inspiration.

Practical support at your events

It can be a fine balance, protecting against over-catering, while ensuring a nourishing and filling menu for your delegates. We’re well-practiced in this regard and can work with you to support the success of your event without compromising your environmental commitments.

Our flexible approach includes allowing final numbers for catering to be submitted up to 12pm the day before the event. 15Hatfields’ sustainable event support also includes bespoke food miles reports, and waste tracking and prevention – contact our expert team to find out more!

Let’s raise awareness together

We’re proud to host truly impactful events at our venue. From the CN Sustainability Summit to The Food Foundation’s summit on food system transformation, we’ve welcomed delegates for fascinating discussions that get right to the centre of sustainable development.

Are you planning a conference or summit? We’d love to share insights from your programme and amplify your event on social media. Let us know if you’d to take part in a case study!

15Hatfields is challenging the meetings and events industry to drive change and encourage venues to transform their relationship with waste. Read more in Event Planner News and Event Industry News.