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Operating an event venue requires a substantial amount of energy. Energy from fossil fuels will not last forever, and using it creates a huge amount of emissions.

To help create a more sustainable future, we ensure that the energy we use comes from renewable sources. Here's how:

Anaerobic digestion

  • All food waste is processed through anaerobic digestion.
  • The food waste is broken down and then repurposed into renewable energy. This has prevented 188 tonnes of food waste a year from going to landfill.

Saving energy

  • LED bulbs used throughout the venue have a 25,000-hour light life and use 10x less energy than halogen bulbs.
  • All electricity is certified to be from 100% renewable sources, and lights in the washroom and kitchen are motion-sensitive to further reduce energy use.
  • We have invested in new HD laser projectors for our events. These projectors are quieter and use less energy, helping to reduce their environmental impact when in use.
  • Where possible, all of our electrical equipment is triple A-rated.
  • Over 90% of our hot water is provided by rooftop solar panels.
  • We filter and chill our water using a Vivreau filtration machine which reduces the amount of electricity we use to keep our water cool.