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We love being part of the Bankside district in London. Here are some of the highlights of the community initiatives we have championed over the years:

Southwark Climate Collective

  • We're proud to be part of Southwark Climate Collective. The project, funded through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and supported by the Mayor of London, provides expert decarbonisation support to SMEs across Southwark.
  • Our Deputy General Manager, Joe Harris is completing Positive Planet's Carbon Literacy qualification – just one of the collective's 2024 initiatives delivered by Better Bankside and partners.
  • As part of the collective's scope 3 emissions working group, we're continuing to support and accelerate positive change across our supply chain.

Cup Fund

  • Over 285,000 cups of coffee are drunk every hour in the UK. The complex nature of the paper and plastic contained within most takeaway coffee cups makes recycling a challenge. Instead of being recycled, many are incinerated, sent to landfill or left as litter on the street.
  • In 2020, we worked alongside Better Bankside, Team London Bridge and the environmental charity Hubbub to help launch The Cup Fund. The project offered a local recycling scheme for takeaway coffee cups to help reduce waste.
  • Bankside sees some of the highest daily footfall in London. To help combat the issue, 20 specially designed coffee cup recycling bins were installed across the area. This was not only to encourage the public to recycle their coffee cups, but to also ensure those cups could be properly recycled.
  • An office collection service of coffee cups was introduced. This means takeaway coffee consumed in office environments can also be recycled effectively.

Save the Bees

  • As part of our ‘Save The Bees, Go Wild and Sow Your Seeds’ campaign, we donated more than two million wildflower seeds to delegates and event bookers. This helped prevent the decline of bees in the UK which are an integral part of the ecosystem.
  • 15Hatfields was Highly Commended for 'Best Sustainable Initiative' in the 2018 National Conference Awards for this.

ZSL #OneLess

  • 15Hatfields has supported the #OneLess campaign, launched in 2018, aiming to raise awareness of ocean pollution and reduce plastic bottle waste.
  • 29 drinking fountains have been installed around London and we've worked with over 94 businesses to remove single-use plastic water bottles.
  • By investing in an in-house UV filtration and carbonation system, we have provided filtered and cooled still and sparkling water. This avoids polluting our rivers and oceans.
  • 15Hatfields was the first free water refill venue in central London.