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Water is an essential element for any event. In fact, it is the most consumed element on-site at 15Hatfields. Even though our planet is covered by 70% water, it remains a finite and valuable resource. So, by reducing water usage in events, we can help preserve this precious resource, preserve energy, reduce carbon emissions and minimise our environmental impact.

By making simple yet impactful changes, we aim to lead the way in promoting sustainable practices in event management while creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Take a look at some of our ongoing measures at 15Hatfields:

Measuring usage

  • We installed a smart meter to help monitor our water usage during events.
  • Energy bills are based on usage rather than estimate, allowing us to make savings and use the money saved to further invest in our sustainability initiatives.


  • Our Brita filtration machine eliminates the need to purchase plastic water bottles. It also helps keep down electricity costs associated with keeping the water cold by £60k a year.
  • We were the first central London venue to register with Refill London as a public refill station to encourage using reusable bottles.
  • We use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles for water. This has helped stop around 2.5 million single-use plastic water bottles from going to landfill.

Heating and waste

  • We have invested in spray taps and dual flush toilets to reduce the amount of water waste we produce.
  • Our rooftop solar panels now provide over 90% of our hot water.
  • We've saved 1,500 litres of water per year by switching from traditional chafing dishes to the EcoBurner buffet range.

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