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In 2019, we took our efforts one step further and committed to #MakePlasticHistory. We eradicated single-use plastic altogether at 15Hatfields and have continued to champion the initiative.

In most cases, plastic is difficult to recycle effectively and ends up producing chemical pollution and harming wildlife. As a single-use plastic-free event venue for many years, we’ve shared our successful initiatives that can help others achieve the same.

Plastic free catering

  • We have replaced all our PET plastic film wrap used for preserving food with lower-impact plant-based and compostable PLA film.
  • Tea is served in plastic-free, compostable temples from Teapigs, saving 52,000 plastic teabags over two years.
  • Sugar has been switched from 1kg plastic-wrapped boxes to 25kg paper bags, reducing both plastic packaging and transportation emissions.
  • All our cutlery is reusable and made in Sheffield from at least 90% recycled steel.
  • We've switched our biscuit supplier to Border Biscuits who use 100% recycled plastic packaging. We’ve kept the quality for clients while knowing they’re doing good in the local community. The business donates 10% of profits to local charities in Lanark, Scotland.

Cleaning up plastic usage

  • All plastic sponge scourers have been replaced with long-lasting E-cloths that are 100% natural sisal and cellulose, in plastic-free packaging. This has saved 120 scourers and subsequent packaging since June 2019.
  • Delphis Eco has created the first range of cleaning products in the UK that use entirely recycled packaging.
  • The detergent we receive from Delphis Eco is packaged in recycled plastic bottles made from UK milk bottles.

Breaking down plastic

  • To prevent non-recyclable plastic from ending up in landfill, we’ve partnered with Pulse Environmental. They take this plastic to a local carbon capture energy recovery plant instead.
  • With Terracycle we’re saving the trickiest materials from landfill – milk bottle lids, nylon gloves for safe food handling, delegate badges and lanyards.

Take a look at our resources to help reduce your plastic waste output.